Best Durable Shredders with Long Runtime

best durable shredders with long run time

Shredders have always been a useful piece of equipment for the office or at home, but as the need to securely dispose of papers has increased, shredder technology has advanced steadily over time. Today, you can find excellent examples of a durable shredder at most price points, but if you need to do long shredding sessions, there is a number of options available, but what are the best durable shredders with long run time?

We’ve looked at the market so you don’t have to, finding the best options for reliable paper shredders that can cope with long shredding sessions. When it comes to durable shredders, long run time matters, but the best also have great features, including high security ratings, ease of use and more. Here are our picks of the best shredders with long run time.

Fellowes Powershred 425C

Best Durable Shredders with Long Runtime

If you have the budget and space, then the Fellowes Powershred 425C is the ultimate in durable shredders. It is only suitable for large offices that can justify the expense and size of this large machine, however when assessing the best durable shredders with long run time, the shredder that can operate continuously for any length of time has to be the best, right?

While that incredible setup means endless shredding if you want, this fantastically durable shredder doesn’t lack in features either. It includes a paper-jam free mechanism with SafeSense technology that shuts the machine off if fingers are detected near the feed slot for safe, hassle-free operation.

In addition, it can cope with as much as 30-sheets of paper at once, and copes easily with paperclips, staples, credit cards and DVDs, it can also shred junk mail in one go. Rated at P-4 for security, the cross-cut shredding produces particles of 5/32” x 1-1/8” in size, suitable for most sensitive documents. A 12-inch-wide feeder slot can cope with a wide range of papers, and it has a number of innovative, energy saving features to lower running costs.

Large, expensive and built for volume, if you want the very best reliable paper shredder with long runtime regardless of cost, this is the one to choose.


Bonsaii 4S30 10 Sheet Shredder

shredders with long runtime

If you need a shredder with long run time in a compact, manageable package then this Bonsaii machine is definitely one to look for. In terms of durability and runtime, this is a reliable paper shredder that can operate for 240 minutes without stopping. After that, just 10-minutes cooling time and it is ready to go again.

So, while not continuous, it offers enough working time for most needs, and that is not all. Rated at P-5 security, it produces particles just 5/64” by 25/64” in size, making it suitable for most sensitive documents you may receive. It has a 10-sheet capacity, and can cope with staples, paperclips, DVDs and credit cards with ease.

A 7.9-gallon waste basket is built into the machine for easy disposal, with enough volume to reduce trips to the trash even on an extended shredding session. It has an auto-reverse feature when it detects a jam and clever heat and load monitoring to prolong life.

An affordable, high security durable shredder, with exceptional run time and a wealth of usability features, making this the perfect choice for a smaller office or home buying on a budget.


Fellowes AutoMax 100M

best durable shredders with long run time

A durable shredder is one that can get the job done for you, lengthening the operation timer to extend the shredding session. Traditionally we look at overall runtime for that, but here’s a different way to approach it, an automatic shredder. This has a seemingly short run time of just 15-minutes, however, because it works unattended, you can load up 100 sheets, walk away and let the shredder work. This may be more efficient for your use than a machine you can stand and manually feed paper into for hours.

It’s a great shredder too, with P-4 rated security producing particles that are 5/32” x 1-1/8” in size, auto-reverse if a jam is detected, a 6-gallon waste bin and a low-noise mode that means you can happily leave it shredding in the same room and not be disturbed. It can cope with junk mail, paperclips, staples and credit cards when using the manual slot.

While this is a different approach to a durable shredder, it is a compact and affordable alternative to shredders with long run time that can offer the same overall experience through its automated shredding solution.

For homes and small offices where space and noise matter, it can be a great way to get volume shredding in a smaller package.

All three machines excel in specific scenarios, and if run time is the most important thing, the Powershred 425C really has no equal. Use it as long as you want without problem. At the other end of the scale, the AutoMax 100M has a poor continuous running time on paper, but with its automated operation, can save time just the same, and its small package and energy efficient running makes it a wonderful option in many cases. The Bonsaii 4S30 brings great run time and a more manageable size too and offers exceptional performance with little compromise. For most use cases, it’s the pick of the durable shredders.


Best Large Capacity Office Shredder

big shredders for office

As pressure grows on businesses in terms of security and recycling, a shredder is an essential piece of office equipment that helps with both. From turning sensitive documents into hundreds or thousands of particles to prevent them being reassembled, to shredding wastepaper to be used in packaging, pet bedding and more, a shredder is incredibly useful.

For offices that require large volumes of shredding, there are numerous options to choose from, but like any shredder choice, knowing which is the best large capacity office shredder for your needs can be daunting. A large capacity shredder is not just chosen because of how much paper can be inserted at once, but also how long the shredder can be used without stopping, the kind of material it can shred and so on. Instead of spending days trying to find the best options yourself, we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out the best choice of large shredder for office work available.

Swingline 1703090 Stack-and-Shred 750XL

large capacity office shredder

If you want the ultimate large capacity office shredder that copes with volume and improves productivity, the Swingline 1703090 Stack-and-Shred 750XL is the perfect choice. Although a large machine that has an enormous 31-gallon wastebin, the design allows it to fit neatly into most larger offices with ease. Focused on usability, the key point that separate this from other big shredders for office, is that it automates the process.

Having large volumes of shredding is one thing, but it can eat up hours of your team’s time to process all those papers. This large capacity shredder does it all for you, just stack up to 750 sheets of paper into the machine, switch on and it does the rest for you, no need to spend hours feeding papers in or monitoring the machine.

SmarTech™ functionality pairs with your phone and sends you updates on progress, so you know if the bin needs emptying or any problems, as well as when the work is completed. Don’t think this ease of use comes at the expense of performance either. A cross-cut shredder with P-4 security rating, it produces particles of just 3/16″ x 1 1/2″, has a 30-minute run time and is designed to cope with volumes from over 20 users.

Auto jam clearance, remote monitoring and automated shredding makes this a hands-off large capacity office shredder, and the blend of superb performance and ease of use make it the perfect choice for any office that generates large shredding volumes.


SKILCRAFT Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder

big shredders for office

If you need a large capacity shredder and the best security cut available, this is the ideal choice. With a 10-inch-wide paper slot to cope with oversize paper, a 15-gallon waste basket, up to 60-minute run time and a 7-sheet capacity, this large capacity office shredder is built for reliable, high-capacity operation.

It features anti-jam technology to help avoid time-consuming problems, and the waste bin is easily removed for emptying, making this one of the easiest big shredders for office needs to use. However, while the shredding performance is competitive with others in the market, it is the ability of meet P-6 security measures that make this the perfect large capacity office shredder if you are disposing of highly confidential or sensitive documents on a regular basis.

The extra width of the feed slot is also a useful feature for a large shredder for office work, and is perfect for shredding junk mail in the envelope or other oversized documents. Overall, as a high security large capacity office shredder, this is a proven workhorse that does everything you may need.


Fellowes Powershred 425C

large capacity shredder

Our final pick for the best large capacity shredder for your office is the Fellowes Powershred 425C. A more compact and cost-effective option, the Fellowes shredder includes useful user-friendly features, and is one of the most energy efficient shredders available today.

With P-4 security shredding, it produces particles of just 5/32” x 1-1/8” in size, ideal for all but the most confidential or sensitive of documents. The wide 12-inch slot can take up to 30-sheets of paper at a time, and can cope with DVDs paper clips and staples, credit cards and junk mail with ease.

This large capacity office shredder is also capable of continuous running, so no matter the volume, it can cope. A 30-gallon waste basket reduces the need to empty the machine during high volume shredding, and it also includes Fellowes’ highly effective anti-jam technology and SafeSense, which shuts the machine down when it detects hands new the feeder slot.

Ideal for those wanting a reliable large shredder for office work, but it need something more efficient and compact than the more overtly commercial offerings.


Which is the Best Large Capacity Office Shredder?

Any of these machines will cope with high volumes of shredding, but which is bets depends on your needs. For a machine that does everything for you, saving both time and money, there is no doubt the Swingline large capacity shredder is a superb choice. The Fellowes machine offers great performance in an easier to manage package, and for the ultimate in shredding security, The Skilcraft shredder is the best option.

Top Mini Paper Shredder

Fellowes 9C4 Top Mini Shredder

Today, with the increase in identity theft and other risks, your documents present a risk to your finances and more, which is why a shredder is essential not just for offices, but in every home too. However, not everyone has the space for a normal shredder, as they tend to take up valuable space even in a small office.

That is where the mini shredder comes in, a small shredder that has the features and performance you need but is easier to manage and store. But when looking for a mini paper shredder, the problem is knowing which one will suit you best. Every manufacturer has at least one model, and apart from size, it’s the performance that really matters. SO, which is the top mini paper shredder? We’ve looked at them all, so you don’t have to.

Fellowes 9C4 9-Sheet Powershred Shredder

Fellowes 9C4 Paper Shredder Mini

We start off with the best mini shredder you can buy, packing powerful performance into a small package. Taking up to 9-sheets at a time, this mini paper shredder manages an impressive P-4 security rating, producing paper particles of just 5/32” x 1-3/8” in size. It may be a small shredder, but this mighty performance means you can use it to shred sensitive documents too, which is why it is so useful at home or in a small office.

It has a 3.8-gallon wastebasket to keep mess to a minimum, just unclip and empty in the trash when you are done. The powerful shredding mechanism can cope with paperclips, staples, and credit cards, and importantly for home and desktop use, is quiet and simple to use. For safety, it has a lock feature to prevent accidental operation and is capable of higher volumes than other small shredder options.

Nothing is perfect though, and to get all that power, this mini shredder is a little bigger than others in this list, more of an under-desk shredder than a desktop. Still a small shredder, but if you are after the smallest option available, there are better choices. However, powerful, compact and with interesting safety features, we believe this is the top mini paper shredder on the market today.


Aurora AS420C

Aurora AS420C Tiny Shredder

If size is the most important criteria, then the Aurora AS420C is the clear winner. At 9” x 7” x 10”, this mini shredder can sit on your desk and take up little space. It has a built-in carry handle that folds flat in use.

Despite its small size, this mini paper shredder still has an excellent cross-cut mechanism, it can even shred credit cards if needed. The built-in wastebasket can accommodate up to 40 sheets, for mess-free use wherever you may be.

There are limitations that come with this small size though, first the paper slot is only 4.5-inches wide, so standard letters need to be folded to fit. However, with a capacity of 4 folded sheets at once, for occasional use, it has everything you need.

It’s easy to use, just turn on and insert the document, the shredder does the rest. If you really need the most compact mini shredder, then this is an excellent choice, it may lack some of the more advanced features, but for occasional shredding at home without the storage hassle, it’s the perfect option.


Bonsaii 6-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

Small Mini Paper Shredder Bonsaii

Managing to include some of the more advanced features of advanced shredders with the compact dimensions of a small shredder, the Bonsaii sits between the other two on this list in both size and price.

A crosscut mini shredder, it produces particles measuring 13/64” x 1-37/64” in size, giving it a P-3 security rating, which is excellent for all but the most sensitive documents. This mini paper shredder can handle paperclips and staples, and it can even shred credit cards one at a time. The built-in waste basked is 3.4-gallons and features a manual reverse to deal with paper jams.

The mini shredder can operate for four minutes continuously, and with the ability to shred six sheets at a time, should be enough capacity to cope with most household or small office needs. Offering excellent value and good performance, with its built-in handle and lightweight, this is one of the top mini paper shredder options available.


The Best Mini Shredder?

For outright performance and features in a more compact package, the Fellowes is the best mini shredder we have looked at. It does everything you may need at a reasonable price, but it is not the most compact small shredder. If you want a true desktop item, the Aurora is an incredibly compact small paper shredder, but that tiny size does mean compromises in performance. If you are prepared to live with those compromises for the smallest possible machine, then this is the one for you.

Finally, the Bonsaii strikes a balance between the two. It is not quite as compact as the Aurora, but doesn’t compromise performance either, and at half the price of the Fellowes, would be our choice overall.

How to Clean a Paper Shredder

How to Clean a Paper Shredder Maintanance Tips

No office is complete without a paper shredder, and with so many working from home today, and the importance of security when disposing of sensitive documents such as bank statements and government correspondence, it seems no home is complete with one either.

When buying a shredder, making the right choice for capacity, performance, security of cut and so on is crucial, but very few of us think about how to clean a paper shredder until we have one and it needs cleaning! In fact, shredder cleaning and maintenance is really important in keeping it operating properly, but aside from a few paper shredder maintenance tips in the user manual that comes with your device, there is little information out there about what you should do.

How to Maintain and Clean a Paper Shredder?

There are three things to think about when it comes to shredder cleaning and maintenance. The waste basics, the blades and the paper slot. The first thing to think about is the waste basket. On most shredders this is removable, once finished shredding, or if it is full, unclip from the machine, and empty into the trash, recycling bin or wherever you store paper. If there are tiny pieces left inside, you can wipe it down with a cloth to clean any leftovers.

The exterior can be wiped over with a damp cloth to remove dust and spills. Always be a little careful around the paper slot, unless you want a shredded cloth its bet to have the machine turned off during cleaning for instance.

Dealing with the Blades

The waste bin is easy enough, but when we talk about how to clean a paper shredder, it is generally not the waste basket being discussed. Instead, it’s the cutting blades and mechanism that draws the paper in and shreds it. You should clean out the blades about once a month, a bit more often if you do a lot of shredding, but before doing anything with your machine, remember to turn the power off and remove the plug from the outlet. Because most shredders are auto start and stop, it is easy to forget there is power going to it, and the last thing you want is the mechanism to start up with your fingers nearby.

Best Paper Shredder Under $100


Cheap Shredder


Paper Shredder Under 100


Shredder Under 100


Once everything is safe, remove the waste basket and take a look at the blades. You will probably find lots of paper particles stuck in there. Carefully pull out everything you can reach, then take a can of compressed air, one used for cleaning keyboards is ideal, and give the blades a good spray. This removes any dust and build up within the mechanism to keep operation smooth.

Once the blades are clean, it’s a great time to lubricate the shredding mechanism. This does depend on your shredder, check the manufacturer’s instructions as to when or if you should lubricate things, but most recommend doing so. It’s an easy thing to do, just apply a small amount of shredder oil as per recommendations, then run the machine in reverse for 15 to 20 seconds to ensure an even coating.

Always use genuine shredder oil, it isn’t expensive and is created for the job. Don’t be tempted to use WD-40, canola oil or any other lubricant you may have around, they can have the opposite effect and ruin the shredder as they are not designed for this kind of use.

That really is it for the blades, so now you know how to clean a paper shredder, there is no excuse for leaving yours full of old paper and mess.

Paper Shredder Maintenance Tips

How to Clean a Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred 99Ci

Now you know how to clean a paper shredder, there are some things you can do to make sure you spend less time shredder cleaning. When carrying out volume shredding, always run the shredder in reverse every so often, as this prevents paper build up in the blades, reducing the chances of jams but also making it easier to clean up afterwards too. Just because you know how to clean shredder blades, doesn’t mean you should have to be doing it all the time after all.

Check the instructions for oiling tips, and then see how frequently that needs to be done. Oiling can extend the life of your shredder, especially if you have a high volume of shredding, so following the recommendations here can save money in the long run.

If you have a particularly large volume of shredding in once session, clean and oil the blades after even its before your normal schedule. It will keep your machine performing better and prevent paper build up, reducing the jams you may experience.

Shredder cleaning doesn’t have to be a long process if you keep on top of the situation. Once you know how to clean a paper shredder, you can make sure your machine works better and lasts longer.

Best Shredders for Small Business Owner

Best Shredder for Small business Owner

Shredders are essential office equipment for any small business. Being able to securely dispose of sensitive documents or even turn old paper and card into packing for items being dispatched, reducing waste. However, with so many on the market, finding the right shredder for small business owner needs can be a challenge.

A small business shredder needs to cope with a reasonable volume that may be required in a short time, as shredding is put off to be done in batches. It also needs to be flexible, coping with a range of paper and card types, while having good levels of security aids in disposal of sensitive documents too. When looking for a shredder for small business owner needs, there are many options then.

Instead of struggling, we’ve tested them all for you, and picked out some of the best small business shredder products available today. Read on to find the best shredder for small business needs right now.

Fellowes Powershred 125Ci

The best shredder for small business owners

For all-round excellence, the very best shredder for small business use is the Fellowes Powershred 125Ci. It has everything an office needs, and it is powerful and versatile enough to cope with any additional demands that may come along.

A cross-cut shredder, it delivers particles of just 5/32″ x 1-1/2″ in size, great for most uses. With a 20-sheet capacity, it can cope with even the thickest paper that a small office shredder may encounter, and is capable of shredding credit cards, CDs and DVDs, junk mail without opening the envelope too. You don’t need to remove staples and paper clips either, it will deal with them too, saving time. It is easy to see why this is considered the best shredder for small office use.

But beyond the basics, it’s the additional features that make this shredder stand out. It has a continuous run time of 45 minutes, so if you leave your shredding to pile up, you can still get it done in a single session without worrying about overheating. To ensure you can shred without hassle, it features an advanced jam-proof drive, with SafeSense technology that stops shredding when it detects a hand at the opening.

Quiet operation and a 14-gallon paper basket for easy waste disposal finish off the features, making it the most well specified small business shredder you can find. There is one potential downside with it, at 11.25” Wide, 21.06” Deep and 28.94” High, it is not the most compact device available, so make sure you have the space to fit it into your office. Other than that, there is no doubt that this is the best shredder for small business owner use.


Amazon Basics 18-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder

Small Business SHredder

For shredding on a budget, few can match the Amazon Basics range overall, and for a small office shredder, the 18-sheet micro-cut model is the best choice. While it benefits from a budget friendly price, that doesn’t mean you lose out on performance. This small business shredder offers micro-cut shredding, producing particles just 5/32 by 15/32 inches in size, making it suitable for most situations including shredding sensitive information with an official security rating of P-4. With the ability to shred up to 18 documents at one, it can cope with thick card and even cardboard, and deal with junk mail without opening the envelope.

It can cope with CDs, DVDs, paper clips and staples too, and features an anti-jam mechanism that automatically switches to reverse if the paper gets stuck. A 7-gallon waste basket is ideal for small shredding volumes, while the compact dimensions make it easy to fit into the smallest office, even sliding under a desk when not in use.

The ideal budget shredder for small business owner use, it can manage 30-miniutes of continuous use so is fine for the normal volumes a small office shredder may face. The best shredder for small business looking for a low cost, feature rich option, this is our budget small business shredder of choice.


Fellows Powershred 79Ci Shredder

Fellowes Paper Shredder for small business

If you want all the features of the very best shredder for small office use, but don’t need the volume capacity or have the space for the 125Ci, then this is a fantastic option. It brings all of the ease of use of the other Fellows model, with jam-proof drive and SafeSense technology that cuts off power when it senses fingers touching the paper input area, but in a smaller office friendly size.

At 21.31 inches high, 15.38 inches wide and 10.44 inches deep, it is compact enough to fit into any office. It matches the larger model for its crosscut performance too, producing 5/32″ x 1-1/2″ particles for a P-4 security rating. It can shred 16 sheets at once, and easily deals with credit cards, CDs, DVDs, paper clips and staples too, providing the versatile performance that a small office shredder needs.

With 20-minute continuous operation possible and a 6-gallon waste basket, it’s easy to use and perfect for many offices where volumes remain relatively low. The perfect choice for those needing high-end performance in a more manageable package.


So, What is the Best Shredder for Small Business Owner?

The very best shredder for small business owner needs is the Fellows 125Ci, with the capacity and performance to suit every situation. P-4 security level shredding makes it ideal for all but the most sensitive of documents, and with its massive waste bin and long continuous operation, whatever the volume your office generates, it can cope.

However, not every office needs that ultimate performance, if you are looking for a budget option the Amazon Basics range has much to recommend. We chose the 18-sheet model as a good balance of performance and cost, but you can get smaller capacities at even more affordable pricing. With a reputation for reliable performance, the Amazon offering offers great value, and while it lacks some of the usability features that higher end models have, at the price it is the best small business shredder today.

Finally, the best shredder for small office use where capacity of the Fellows 125Ci is not required, or there simply is no space to fit it, is the smaller brother, the Fellows 79Ci. With all the ease-of-use technology of the 125Ci in a package that can slide under a desk for easy storage when not in use, this is the best option. It does lack some capacity, with a smaller waste basket and shorter run time, but other than that, great performance in a practical package.

Whatever your situation, one of these three are the best shredder for small business owner use.

The Best Domestic Shredder

The Best Domestic Shredder

Shredders have been an essential in every office for many years, but they are incredibly useful at home too, the problem is, knowing which is the best domestic shredder that you should buy for your needs. With important documents from the government, your bank and so on needing to be disposed of and cases of identity theft growing every year, a secure shredder for home use makes more sense today than ever before.

Buying a domestic paper shredder is a little different than for the office though, and you need to think about different priorities. While the office unit needs to be robust and capable of dealing with high workloads, the best domestic shredder is one that is quiet, good value and easy to use.

With so many options when looking for a domestic shredder, it can be daunting to even know where to start when making a purchase, so we have tested the machines for you. Here are our picks for the best domestic shredder available today.

The Best Domestic Shredder – Table of Contents

Amazon Basics Home/Office Shredder

We start off with a genuine bargain. The Amazon Basics range is well known for good quality products at great prices, and this shredder is no different. Available for less than $30, it is the ideal domestic shredder for anyone on a budget, and it manages to do that while keeping important features too.

With a capacity of 6 sheets at once, this is not a shredder to take on a high volume of shredding, it can manage 3 minutes of shredding within every 30 minutes, but as a domestic paper shredder, many homes really don’t need more than that. It offers a crosscut shredding process for good security, leaving individual pieces measuring 3/16 by 1-27/32 inches that make it hard to recreate any document. It can also shred your old credit cards and similar items too.

It’s extremely easy to use, just switch on, insert paper and it will be drawn into the collection bin for easy emptying when you are done. There is a reverse mode to help with any jams, and auto shutoff if the machine gets too hot to ensure safe use. Noise levels are average though, and there are quieter options out there of you spend a little more money.

The best domestic shredder for less than $30, it has limitations, but for a home on a budget or someone who needs a shredder that does the basics and nothing more, this is a great option.

Aurora AU1020MA

While a normal crosscut domestic shredder provides good security for most situations, if you dispose of sensitive documents on a regular basis, such as government letters and your bank information, a high-security domestic paper shredder can be worth considering.

This is a shredder for home use that features a micro-cut mechanism that shreds each document into incredibly small, 5/32 by 15/32 inches sized pieces and is rated at P-4 for security. This high security approach makes it virtually impossible to reassemble any document, giving you peace of mind with even the most sensitive documents. However, as a domestic shredder, it has other features too. It can shred up to 10 sheets at a time, and also cope with CD/DVDs and credit cards too, so great as an all-purpose domestic shredder. With a large 4.5-gallon removable waste basket, it keeps mess to a minimum and makes disposing of the shredded items simple.

It is a relatively quiet machine and has a shred safe safety feature that shuts power off to prevent accidents. With a 5-minute continuous run time, its another shredder for home use that is not suited to high volume situations, but for most domestic needs, it can cope easily.

The best domestic shredder for security, this is an excellent option for all round performance and ensuring your confidential and sensitive documents are well protected.

Bonsaii C169-B

When it comes to a shredder for home use, volume is not always the main focus, however if you work from home, maybe run a club or society, you may need your domestic shredder to be able to cope with reasonably large volumes from time to time. The Bonsaii C169-B is designed as a domestic paper shredder that can also cope with volume. It is a heavy-duty alternative that remains affordable compared to office-focused machines.

With a simultaneous shred capacity of 14 sheets at a time, and a continuous use time of 30 minutes without stopping, you can shred as many as 3,500 documents without a pause. A crosscut machine, it shreds documents and credit cards into small, 13/64 x 1-37/64 inches pieces, not the highest level of security but highly effective in preventing reassembly of your documents.

As any domestic shredder should be, it is easy to use, with a 4.8-gallon removable waste basket making emptying the shredded documents easy, while with a jam-resistant mechanism and manual reverse functions, it is an easy machine to live with.

The best domestic shredder for volume use, this heavy-duty shredder can deal with junk mail without even opening the envelope. It is a little nosier than some, but if you need a shredder for home use that can also cope with volume, this is the perfect choice.

How Does a Paper Shredder Work?

How Does a Paper Shredder Work?

Even in our increasingly digital world, a paper shredder is an essential tool for any office or home. With a paper shredder machine, you can safely dispose of even confidential documents without worry, knowing that their contents cannot be used by others. However, while we all know that you put your paper, card or other documents in the slot and out comes hundreds or thousands of paper particles, depending on whether you use a strip, cross or micro cut shredder, how does a paper or cardboard shredder actually do that?

While there are a variety of types of paper shredder, from the basic strip cut shredder through the cross cut shredder to the highly secure micro cut shredder, they all operate the same way. In fact, until you move to the much larger commercial machines, if you are looking for a paper or heavier duty cardboard shredder, they all share the same process.

Best Paper Shredder Under $50


Best Shredder Under $50


Shredder Under $50


Cheap Shredder Under $50


When you insert paper or card into the shredder, a sensor is activated that starts the cutting mechanism, drawing the documents through the cutting mechanism and depositing it into the waste bin below. Once the paper is through the machine, the sensor deactivates and switches of off the cutting mechanism. It all sounds simple, and it is really, but the key is of course in the cut.

How that works differs a little depending on the type of paper shredder involved.

Strip Cut Shredders

As the paper is inserted into the shredder slot, it is drawn down to the cutter, which slices the paper into strips or rectangles. For a strip cut shredder, this is accomplished by knives, usually between 7 and 9 of them, that slice the paper into strips as it passes through the cutting area.

This is the simplest type of shredder, however whether you are using a paper or cardboard shredder, the process is the same, with shredders that can process more documents simultaneously or are able to cut thicker card material having more heavy duty cutting mechanisms.


Cross Cut and Micro Cut Shredders

If you are dealing with confidential documents of any kind, you probably need a cross cut machine that cuts the paper into hundreds of rectangular pieces, making it almost impossible to put back together. But have you ever wondered how shredders work to do that for you? The basic mechanism is the same as with strip cut machines, you feed your documents in, sensors activate the cutting mechanism which pulls the paper or card through the machine, cutting it in the process. The difference with the cross cut machines is the cutters themselves.

Instead of a series of knives that slice the paper into strips, cross cut machines use angled, sharp teeth, cutting at an angle down the paper, but also across it, creating the familiar rectangular particles that you see in the waste bin of the shredder.

Micro-cut machines use the same idea, but with even finer teeth that cut material into even smaller pieces. The blades are made from hardened steel, with some commercial applications and very high-end office shredders using tungsten steel for a sharper, long-lasting edge.

Interested? Check out our review for the best Micro Cut Shredder on the market!


Shredder Safety

While it’s easy to focus just on cutting when thinking about how a shredder works, there are other aspects to consider too. Shredders have to incorporate safety measures to ensure that you don’t lose fingers in there or get pulled in by the tie like some third-rate horror movie.

We’ve already mentioned the sensors that automatically start and stop the machine as paper passes through, which let you keep your hands well away from the cutting mechanism itself. But there are other sensors on most machines too. A sensor is fitted to check for upward force and will shut off the shredder automatically if force is applied to stop the shredding process.

How Does a Paper Shredder Work? Micro Cut Shredder

Cutting Duration

No matter the type of shredder you look at, there are a range of price points available, with some offering more features than others, but understanding how paper shredders work, you may wonder what is really different about these machines beneath the skin.

One aspect of shredding that is often ignored is how long the machine can be operated without a break. For budget machines this can be as little as 15 minutes, where market leading, premium machines may be able to shred continuously for several hours. The difference here is in the motors, in particular heat management.

Cheaper machines tend to use less powerful motors that can do the job well, but they have to work harder and generate more heat. That means needing to rest them sooner. The premium machines with larger, more powerful motors are less stressed during shredding, and can maintain operation for longer.

Both approaches produce shredders that can deliver great performance and long life, but with a shorter working time between breaks, the budget alternative may not be as practical for those with significant volume needs.

The Best Cardboard Shredder Machine

HSM C400 The Best Cardboard Shredder Machine

A cardboard shredder machine can really help deal with the mountains of cardboard that pile up in your office or even at home. Online ordering for supplies and so on is really convenient, but it brings with it the problem of cardboard boxes, and just what to do with them all. For businesses, it can be even worse, with masses of packing and other cardboard quickly piling up and taking up space.

A cardboard shredder reduces the bulk of the cardboard, making it easier to dispose of and can also help with security for items with addresses and so on printed directly onto the packaging. Finding the best cardboard paper shredder is not easy, there are so many options to choose from, and depends on the volume of shredding you need and so on.

To help you find the best cardboard shredder machine for your use, we’ve selected 3 machines that will get the job done for you whatever the volume and budget you have.

Bonsai Evershred Pro 3S30

Bonsai Evershred Pro 3S30 Best Cardboard Shredder Machine

Market leaders Bonsai know how to create fantastic shredders, and their heavier-duty offerings are no different. Bulkier than the paper-only machines we are used to, this cardboard shredder machine is still an easily manageable size and is ideal for a small office or home use.

Inside, the all-metal gearing and slicing mechanisms sit alongside a powerful motor, ensuring this cardboard shredder can tackle even the hardest jobs you may have. It will shred your cardboard into 5/32 x 1 3/8-inch rectangles, giving it a P-4 security rating and making this cardboard shredder suitable for almost any application. Although weighing over 36 pounds, it remains easily portable thanks to easy-glide wheels, and importantly in use, its as simple as any other shredder.

It can operate up to 240 minutes without stopping, that’s four hours, enough for most situations, and it keeps your workspace tidy too, with an 8-gallon hopper for the shredded material, which slides out for easy emptying. This powerful cardboard paper shredder is also relatively quiet too, great for an open plan office setting, or use at home.


HSM ProfiPack C400

HSM C400 Paper Shredder Cardboard Machine

For businesses who need a high volume of throughput, this cardboard shredding machine is the ideal solution. Moving away from the traditional office shredder design, this is an industrial cardboard paper shredder, with a large footprint and at 82 pounds, definitely not portable.

It is built to allow a wide range of cardboard sizes to be shredded without the need to cut to size as can be the case with smaller machines, but unlike those, it does not technically shred the cardboard. Instead, this cardboard shredding machine perforates the cardboard, leaving it in a form that can be used for packing material instead. For businesses, being able to recycle cardboard in-house can save money, but is also great for a brand when promoting green credentials, helping the business image too.

Fast and effective, it can process almost any card material you can think of, coping with dense, thick card as easily as it can thinner material. For those looking for a commercial-level cardboard shredder, this easy to use and efficient machine is well worth a look.


Wolverine SD9520

WOLVERINE Micro Cut Shredder

If you need a cardboard shredder machine that can handle all your paper, card, CD and credit card shredding needs and offer the highest possible security, the P-5 rated Wolverine SD9520 is it. Like the Bonsai, this is a traditionally styled shredder that features an integrated 8-gallon waste bin and cuts each document or card into 3/32″ X 13/32″ strips.

It uses manganese cutters for long life and sharp, perfect cuts, while is easily the quietest cardboard shredder on this list. The all-in-one style keeps mess to a minimum and it retains the ease of use you expect from a normal office shredder, simply adding the ability to shred heavy card as well.

If you need the best security from your cardboard shredder machine, the P-5 rating, 15 sheet capacity and quiet operation make this a great option. With the ability to shred up to 200 documents per minute, or 12 and a half feet of cardboard per minute, it can cope with the loads a small office requires, and at 48 pounds in weight is a more manageable option that the dedicated heavy duty cardboard shredder.

It can manage 15 minutes of continuous use, which is good for the level of security on offer, however the Bonsai would be a better option if throughput matters more than security.


The Best Cardboard Shredder Machine For You

Each of these cardboard paper shredders offers something a little different, and the best will depend entirely on how you plan on using it. If you have a commercial application and need packing material, the HMS machine has everything you need, but it would be overkill in a small office for instance.

For home and most office uses, the choice will be between the Bonsai and Wolverine models. With its smaller particle size and quieter operation, the Wolverine is the one to choose for those who need a single machine to do everything, including shredding sensitive documents including government issued materials.

For those looking to dispose of large volumes of card and paper in a relatively compact and portable device and do not need the extra security, the Bonsai is the best cardboard shredder machine available today.

The Best P5 Shredder

the best p5 paper shredder

Shredding documents protects your sensitive data from prying eyes, and whether you are looking for a shredder for home or the office, getting the right one can save you money and frustration down the line. How good a shredder is in terms of security is measured by the DIN 66399 standard, which ranges from P1 to P7. For most uses, P-5 rated micro-cut shredders offer the best blend of cost, speed and security, and are suitable for disposable of all common confidential documents you may receive.

All P5 paper shredders must meet the required cut level, so in terms of shredding, there is little that is different between brands or shredders that have P5 certification. The biggest difference is in features and usability, and it is here where you will find the best P5 shredder for your specific uses.

However, with so much choice on the market, knowing which is the best P5 shredder for your needs can be challenging. It saves you money by getting it right the first time, so to help you find the perfect P5 paper shredder, here are our current choices for every budget.

Bonsaii 4S23

Bonsaii P5 shredder

If you want the best P5 shredder, then Bonsaii have been a market leader for years. Ideal for both home and office use, the Bonsaii 4S23 is P5 rated for security and can cut a maximum of eight documents simultaneously for ease of use.

As a micro-cut P5 paper shredder, it can cut any document into over 2,000 pieces, producing 2mm by 10mm sections that are too small to contain identifiable information. With a 120-minute continuous work time, this is one of the best P5 shredders for small to medium offices, coping with the heavier workload with ease. However, compact and easy to use, it is ideal for the home too. With a built in wastebin, it offers quiet, convenient and mess-free operation.


Fellowes 450m

the best p5 paper shredder

One issue with shredders if you have a shared office space, or you are looking for a P5 paper shredder for home use, is that they can be a little noisy. The Fellowes 450m is different, offering a silent mode that provides powerful shredding performance without the noise.

Able to take nine sheets simultaneously, this is a shredder with plenty of power and usability, and as befits the high P5 securing rating, uses a micro-cut process to shred each document into over 2,500 tiny pieces. With a 5.8 Gallon bin to keep the shredded paper, it can easily cope with office workloads, and is capable of shredding CDs, DVDs and credit cards too.

It can easily cope if staples are left in documents as well, and with SilentShred, does all this without disturbing colleagues or the rest of your household. The best P5 shredder for those looking for powerful, easy to use shredding without the noise.


Kensington K52077AM

secure paper shredder

The best P5 shredders perform great but have something extra that makes your life easier, and this one is no different. As a more compact machine that doesn’t compromise on performance, this is a P5 paper shredder that fits into the home office with ease, and it is a fantastic choice for any home or office that lacks storage space.

As one of the best P5 shredder choices available, it saves space but doesn’t remove any features. With a 120-minute continuous run time it is still more than capable of dealing with your office needs, while an auto reverse feature eliminates jams for easy operation.

The built-in waste bin can hold up to 250 sheets of shredded paper, and the powerful machine can cut up to ten sheets of paper at a time. With full P5 level cuts for security, this compact machine is recommended for all common confidential paperwork you may have, and it can deal with staples and paperclips with ease.

Easy to use, easy to empty, easy to store, this is the best P5 shredder for anyone who is looking for something that fits into smaller spaces, both at home and in an office.


The Best P5 Shredder?

Once you decide on a P5 shredder and stick to certified products, you know the kind of shredding performance you will get, it is the extras and the usability, the style and so on that makes the difference between good and bad P5 shredders.

So, which of these is the best P5 paper shredder for you? The answer to that depends on the way you use your shredder. Each has a unique feature that sets them apart, and how much they appeal to you can be the difference.

Whether you need a heavy-duty machine to take on a large workload, looking for something quiet to suit your environment, or a more compact option for ease of storage, the best P5 shredder is the one that can help you get that done.

The Different Types of Shredders?

The Different Types of Shredders

Paper shredders are essential for home and office today, offering increased security when disposing of your paper waste and more compact waste product that is easier to handle. But did you know that there are different types of shredders to choose from? In fact, there are several types of paper shredders, so which one is right for you?

What Shredder Cut Types Are There?

While there are variations in types of paper shredders in terms of how they function and store waste, the main choice to make when choosing a shredder is the paper shredder cut types. There are three to choose from, and which one is right for you will depend on the shredding tasks you are performing, and of course your budget.

Strip Cut Shredders

The first shredder cut type is the strip cut. As the name suggests, this shredder uses a single blade that cuts each document into vertical strips. Sometimes referred to as a straight-cut or ribbon cut shredder, this is the simplest of shredding approaches. These types of shredder achieve DIN p-1 or P-2 rating for security on the official DIN 66399 Standard.

This means that while it shreds a document, each piece can still contain readable text, and because it is a straight vertical cut, in theory with enough time and patience, a document could be put back together. Each document is typically reduced to 39 pieces with a strip cut approach. However, while this type of shredder cut is less secure than others, as the simplest approach these tend to be the cheapest shredders, and also offers the fastest performance.

Idea for use on non-sensitive documents, for instance shredding your junk mail at home or wastepaper in the office, they require the least maintenance as well, making them economical in the long term. To be avoided if you are dealing with confidential papers of any kind, strip cut shredders are ideal for an affordable, fast and simple solution for non-sensitive paperwork.

Best Paper Shredder Under $100


Cheap Shredder


Paper Shredder Under 100


Shredder Under 100


Cross Cut Shredders

The second of our paper shredder cut types is the cross cut shredder. This takes the shredding a stage further, with blades cutting diagonally from each corner. This results not only in much smaller particles, but a much higher number. Instead of the 39 pieces a strip cut can manage, each document is cut into around 400 pieces using the cross cut approach.

With smaller and more numerous particles, that means there is little readable information on any individual piece, and an almost impossible task to re-join those shredded pieces too. As a result, with these types of shredders security is much higher. Using the DIN 66399 standard these types of paper shredder are rated at P-3 or P-4, medium level security that is ideal for commonly used confidential documents both at home and in the office.

As we will continue to find when looking at types of paper shredder, there is a trade-off for that security. Cross-cut shredders are slower in operation that strip cut, and also require ongoing maintenance at regular intervals. This usually means a little oil applied regularly, but this is more than the strip cut needs.

Suitable for commonly occurring sensitive documents, it is perhaps the best blend of speed and security for most home and office use.


Micro Cut Shredders

The last type of shredders you may choose is the micro-cut shredder. These offer the highest security shredding of them all, using a similar approach to cross-cut but with finer slices. Instead of the 400 pieces of the cross-cut, a micro-cut shredder will reduce a document to more than 2,000 pieces, leaving nothing readable at all.

The result is that with a rating of P-5, P-6 or P-7 on the Din 66399 standards, they provide the best security on offer with any type of shredder today. P-7 rated shredders are recommended for disposing of highly confidential documents in any environment. This includes official government documents and other sensitive papers.

Micro-cut shredders require more maintenance than other types of shredder, with oiling needed more frequently than cross-cut, and are significantly slower in operation that others too. However, if you need to shred confidential documents these are the best options for your choice of shredder.


Do you Need Automatic or Manual Shredders?

Beyond the shredder cut types, there are other choices to make. Manual feed requires you to place each document, or number of documents, into the shredder yourself. Auto feed allows you to set up a stack of documents and let the machine work through them unsupervised.

For businesses auto feed makes sense, at home, you are unlikely to need to do the volumes to warrant that additional expense. In addition, there is a potential security risk leaving a stack of confidential documents unattended in an automated system, and if you do choose this type of paper shredder, make sure there is a lock on the feed tray to prevent access to the documents prior to shredding.


The Final Choice For Your Shredder – The Different Types of Shredders

There are other types of shredder that can make sense for you, depending on your use case. For instance, if you have a business that requires a high volume of shredding, then a specialized continuous duty shredder for offices, or industrial shredder may make sense. Likewise, if you need to shred DVDs and plastic cards, then a machine that has that capability should be on your shortlist.

Whatever you choose, the key aspect is the type of cut. There are choices to be made about other aspects of the shredder, but ultimately, the cut determines the security performance, and that is the crucial choice for choosing your shredder.