Best Large Capacity Office Shredder

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As pressure grows on businesses in terms of security and recycling, a shredder is an essential piece of office equipment that helps with both. From turning sensitive documents into hundreds or thousands of particles to prevent them being reassembled, to shredding wastepaper to be used in packaging, pet bedding and more, a shredder is incredibly useful.

For offices that require large volumes of shredding, there are numerous options to choose from, but like any shredder choice, knowing which is the best large capacity office shredder for your needs can be daunting. A large capacity shredder is not just chosen because of how much paper can be inserted at once, but also how long the shredder can be used without stopping, the kind of material it can shred and so on. Instead of spending days trying to find the best options yourself, we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out the best choice of large shredder for office work available.

Swingline 1703090 Stack-and-Shred 750XL

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If you want the ultimate large capacity office shredder that copes with volume and improves productivity, the Swingline 1703090 Stack-and-Shred 750XL is the perfect choice. Although a large machine that has an enormous 31-gallon wastebin, the design allows it to fit neatly into most larger offices with ease. Focused on usability, the key point that separate this from other big shredders for office, is that it automates the process.

Having large volumes of shredding is one thing, but it can eat up hours of your team’s time to process all those papers. This large capacity shredder does it all for you, just stack up to 750 sheets of paper into the machine, switch on and it does the rest for you, no need to spend hours feeding papers in or monitoring the machine.

SmarTech™ functionality pairs with your phone and sends you updates on progress, so you know if the bin needs emptying or any problems, as well as when the work is completed. Don’t think this ease of use comes at the expense of performance either. A cross-cut shredder with P-4 security rating, it produces particles of just 3/16″ x 1 1/2″, has a 30-minute run time and is designed to cope with volumes from over 20 users.

Auto jam clearance, remote monitoring and automated shredding makes this a hands-off large capacity office shredder, and the blend of superb performance and ease of use make it the perfect choice for any office that generates large shredding volumes.


SKILCRAFT Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder

big shredders for office

If you need a large capacity shredder and the best security cut available, this is the ideal choice. With a 10-inch-wide paper slot to cope with oversize paper, a 15-gallon waste basket, up to 60-minute run time and a 7-sheet capacity, this large capacity office shredder is built for reliable, high-capacity operation.

It features anti-jam technology to help avoid time-consuming problems, and the waste bin is easily removed for emptying, making this one of the easiest big shredders for office needs to use. However, while the shredding performance is competitive with others in the market, it is the ability of meet P-6 security measures that make this the perfect large capacity office shredder if you are disposing of highly confidential or sensitive documents on a regular basis.

The extra width of the feed slot is also a useful feature for a large shredder for office work, and is perfect for shredding junk mail in the envelope or other oversized documents. Overall, as a high security large capacity office shredder, this is a proven workhorse that does everything you may need.


Fellowes Powershred 425C

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Our final pick for the best large capacity shredder for your office is the Fellowes Powershred 425C. A more compact and cost-effective option, the Fellowes shredder includes useful user-friendly features, and is one of the most energy efficient shredders available today.

With P-4 security shredding, it produces particles of just 5/32” x 1-1/8” in size, ideal for all but the most confidential or sensitive of documents. The wide 12-inch slot can take up to 30-sheets of paper at a time, and can cope with DVDs paper clips and staples, credit cards and junk mail with ease.

This large capacity office shredder is also capable of continuous running, so no matter the volume, it can cope. A 30-gallon waste basket reduces the need to empty the machine during high volume shredding, and it also includes Fellowes’ highly effective anti-jam technology and SafeSense, which shuts the machine down when it detects hands new the feeder slot.

Ideal for those wanting a reliable large shredder for office work, but it need something more efficient and compact than the more overtly commercial offerings.


Which is the Best Large Capacity Office Shredder?

Any of these machines will cope with high volumes of shredding, but which is bets depends on your needs. For a machine that does everything for you, saving both time and money, there is no doubt the Swingline large capacity shredder is a superb choice. The Fellowes machine offers great performance in an easier to manage package, and for the ultimate in shredding security, The Skilcraft shredder is the best option.