Top Mini Paper Shredder

Fellowes 9C4 Top Mini Shredder

Today, with the increase in identity theft and other risks, your documents present a risk to your finances and more, which is why a shredder is essential not just for offices, but in every home too. However, not everyone has the space for a normal shredder, as they tend to take up valuable space even in a small office.

That is where the mini shredder comes in, a small shredder that has the features and performance you need but is easier to manage and store. But when looking for a mini paper shredder, the problem is knowing which one will suit you best. Every manufacturer has at least one model, and apart from size, it’s the performance that really matters. SO, which is the top mini paper shredder? We’ve looked at them all, so you don’t have to.

Fellowes 9C4 9-Sheet Powershred Shredder

Fellowes 9C4 Paper Shredder Mini

We start off with the best mini shredder you can buy, packing powerful performance into a small package. Taking up to 9-sheets at a time, this mini paper shredder manages an impressive P-4 security rating, producing paper particles of just 5/32” x 1-3/8” in size. It may be a small shredder, but this mighty performance means you can use it to shred sensitive documents too, which is why it is so useful at home or in a small office.

It has a 3.8-gallon wastebasket to keep mess to a minimum, just unclip and empty in the trash when you are done. The powerful shredding mechanism can cope with paperclips, staples, and credit cards, and importantly for home and desktop use, is quiet and simple to use. For safety, it has a lock feature to prevent accidental operation and is capable of higher volumes than other small shredder options.

Nothing is perfect though, and to get all that power, this mini shredder is a little bigger than others in this list, more of an under-desk shredder than a desktop. Still a small shredder, but if you are after the smallest option available, there are better choices. However, powerful, compact and with interesting safety features, we believe this is the top mini paper shredder on the market today.


Aurora AS420C

Aurora AS420C Tiny Shredder

If size is the most important criteria, then the Aurora AS420C is the clear winner. At 9” x 7” x 10”, this mini shredder can sit on your desk and take up little space. It has a built-in carry handle that folds flat in use.

Despite its small size, this mini paper shredder still has an excellent cross-cut mechanism, it can even shred credit cards if needed. The built-in wastebasket can accommodate up to 40 sheets, for mess-free use wherever you may be.

There are limitations that come with this small size though, first the paper slot is only 4.5-inches wide, so standard letters need to be folded to fit. However, with a capacity of 4 folded sheets at once, for occasional use, it has everything you need.

It’s easy to use, just turn on and insert the document, the shredder does the rest. If you really need the most compact mini shredder, then this is an excellent choice, it may lack some of the more advanced features, but for occasional shredding at home without the storage hassle, it’s the perfect option.


Bonsaii 6-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

Small Mini Paper Shredder Bonsaii

Managing to include some of the more advanced features of advanced shredders with the compact dimensions of a small shredder, the Bonsaii sits between the other two on this list in both size and price.

A crosscut mini shredder, it produces particles measuring 13/64” x 1-37/64” in size, giving it a P-3 security rating, which is excellent for all but the most sensitive documents. This mini paper shredder can handle paperclips and staples, and it can even shred credit cards one at a time. The built-in waste basked is 3.4-gallons and features a manual reverse to deal with paper jams.

The mini shredder can operate for four minutes continuously, and with the ability to shred six sheets at a time, should be enough capacity to cope with most household or small office needs. Offering excellent value and good performance, with its built-in handle and lightweight, this is one of the top mini paper shredder options available.


The Best Mini Shredder?

For outright performance and features in a more compact package, the Fellowes is the best mini shredder we have looked at. It does everything you may need at a reasonable price, but it is not the most compact small shredder. If you want a true desktop item, the Aurora is an incredibly compact small paper shredder, but that tiny size does mean compromises in performance. If you are prepared to live with those compromises for the smallest possible machine, then this is the one for you.

Finally, the Bonsaii strikes a balance between the two. It is not quite as compact as the Aurora, but doesn’t compromise performance either, and at half the price of the Fellowes, would be our choice overall.