The Best Domestic Shredder

The Best Domestic Shredder

Shredders have been an essential in every office for many years, but they are incredibly useful at home too, the problem is, knowing which is the best domestic shredder that you should buy for your needs. With important documents from the government, your bank and so on needing to be disposed of and cases of identity theft growing every year, a secure shredder for home use makes more sense today than ever before.

Buying a domestic paper shredder is a little different than for the office though, and you need to think about different priorities. While the office unit needs to be robust and capable of dealing with high workloads, the best domestic shredder is one that is quiet, good value and easy to use.

With so many options when looking for a domestic shredder, it can be daunting to even know where to start when making a purchase, so we have tested the machines for you. Here are our picks for the best domestic shredder available today.

The Best Domestic Shredder – Table of Contents

Amazon Basics Home/Office Shredder

We start off with a genuine bargain. The Amazon Basics range is well known for good quality products at great prices, and this shredder is no different. Available for less than $30, it is the ideal domestic shredder for anyone on a budget, and it manages to do that while keeping important features too.

With a capacity of 6 sheets at once, this is not a shredder to take on a high volume of shredding, it can manage 3 minutes of shredding within every 30 minutes, but as a domestic paper shredder, many homes really don’t need more than that. It offers a crosscut shredding process for good security, leaving individual pieces measuring 3/16 by 1-27/32 inches that make it hard to recreate any document. It can also shred your old credit cards and similar items too.

It’s extremely easy to use, just switch on, insert paper and it will be drawn into the collection bin for easy emptying when you are done. There is a reverse mode to help with any jams, and auto shutoff if the machine gets too hot to ensure safe use. Noise levels are average though, and there are quieter options out there of you spend a little more money.

The best domestic shredder for less than $30, it has limitations, but for a home on a budget or someone who needs a shredder that does the basics and nothing more, this is a great option.

Aurora AU1020MA

While a normal crosscut domestic shredder provides good security for most situations, if you dispose of sensitive documents on a regular basis, such as government letters and your bank information, a high-security domestic paper shredder can be worth considering.

This is a shredder for home use that features a micro-cut mechanism that shreds each document into incredibly small, 5/32 by 15/32 inches sized pieces and is rated at P-4 for security. This high security approach makes it virtually impossible to reassemble any document, giving you peace of mind with even the most sensitive documents. However, as a domestic shredder, it has other features too. It can shred up to 10 sheets at a time, and also cope with CD/DVDs and credit cards too, so great as an all-purpose domestic shredder. With a large 4.5-gallon removable waste basket, it keeps mess to a minimum and makes disposing of the shredded items simple.

It is a relatively quiet machine and has a shred safe safety feature that shuts power off to prevent accidents. With a 5-minute continuous run time, its another shredder for home use that is not suited to high volume situations, but for most domestic needs, it can cope easily.

The best domestic shredder for security, this is an excellent option for all round performance and ensuring your confidential and sensitive documents are well protected.

Bonsaii C169-B

When it comes to a shredder for home use, volume is not always the main focus, however if you work from home, maybe run a club or society, you may need your domestic shredder to be able to cope with reasonably large volumes from time to time. The Bonsaii C169-B is designed as a domestic paper shredder that can also cope with volume. It is a heavy-duty alternative that remains affordable compared to office-focused machines.

With a simultaneous shred capacity of 14 sheets at a time, and a continuous use time of 30 minutes without stopping, you can shred as many as 3,500 documents without a pause. A crosscut machine, it shreds documents and credit cards into small, 13/64 x 1-37/64 inches pieces, not the highest level of security but highly effective in preventing reassembly of your documents.

As any domestic shredder should be, it is easy to use, with a 4.8-gallon removable waste basket making emptying the shredded documents easy, while with a jam-resistant mechanism and manual reverse functions, it is an easy machine to live with.

The best domestic shredder for volume use, this heavy-duty shredder can deal with junk mail without even opening the envelope. It is a little nosier than some, but if you need a shredder for home use that can also cope with volume, this is the perfect choice.