Best Shredders for Small Business Owner

Best Shredder for Small business Owner

Shredders are essential office equipment for any small business. Being able to securely dispose of sensitive documents or even turn old paper and card into packing for items being dispatched, reducing waste. However, with so many on the market, finding the right shredder for small business owner needs can be a challenge.

A small business shredder needs to cope with a reasonable volume that may be required in a short time, as shredding is put off to be done in batches. It also needs to be flexible, coping with a range of paper and card types, while having good levels of security aids in disposal of sensitive documents too. When looking for a shredder for small business owner needs, there are many options then.

Instead of struggling, we’ve tested them all for you, and picked out some of the best small business shredder products available today. Read on to find the best shredder for small business needs right now.

Fellowes Powershred 125Ci

The best shredder for small business owners

For all-round excellence, the very best shredder for small business use is the Fellowes Powershred 125Ci. It has everything an office needs, and it is powerful and versatile enough to cope with any additional demands that may come along.

A cross-cut shredder, it delivers particles of just 5/32″ x 1-1/2″ in size, great for most uses. With a 20-sheet capacity, it can cope with even the thickest paper that a small office shredder may encounter, and is capable of shredding credit cards, CDs and DVDs, junk mail without opening the envelope too. You don’t need to remove staples and paper clips either, it will deal with them too, saving time. It is easy to see why this is considered the best shredder for small office use.

But beyond the basics, it’s the additional features that make this shredder stand out. It has a continuous run time of 45 minutes, so if you leave your shredding to pile up, you can still get it done in a single session without worrying about overheating. To ensure you can shred without hassle, it features an advanced jam-proof drive, with SafeSense technology that stops shredding when it detects a hand at the opening.

Quiet operation and a 14-gallon paper basket for easy waste disposal finish off the features, making it the most well specified small business shredder you can find. There is one potential downside with it, at 11.25” Wide, 21.06” Deep and 28.94” High, it is not the most compact device available, so make sure you have the space to fit it into your office. Other than that, there is no doubt that this is the best shredder for small business owner use.


Amazon Basics 18-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder

Small Business SHredder

For shredding on a budget, few can match the Amazon Basics range overall, and for a small office shredder, the 18-sheet micro-cut model is the best choice. While it benefits from a budget friendly price, that doesn’t mean you lose out on performance. This small business shredder offers micro-cut shredding, producing particles just 5/32 by 15/32 inches in size, making it suitable for most situations including shredding sensitive information with an official security rating of P-4. With the ability to shred up to 18 documents at one, it can cope with thick card and even cardboard, and deal with junk mail without opening the envelope.

It can cope with CDs, DVDs, paper clips and staples too, and features an anti-jam mechanism that automatically switches to reverse if the paper gets stuck. A 7-gallon waste basket is ideal for small shredding volumes, while the compact dimensions make it easy to fit into the smallest office, even sliding under a desk when not in use.

The ideal budget shredder for small business owner use, it can manage 30-miniutes of continuous use so is fine for the normal volumes a small office shredder may face. The best shredder for small business looking for a low cost, feature rich option, this is our budget small business shredder of choice.


Fellows Powershred 79Ci Shredder

Fellowes Paper Shredder for small business

If you want all the features of the very best shredder for small office use, but don’t need the volume capacity or have the space for the 125Ci, then this is a fantastic option. It brings all of the ease of use of the other Fellows model, with jam-proof drive and SafeSense technology that cuts off power when it senses fingers touching the paper input area, but in a smaller office friendly size.

At 21.31 inches high, 15.38 inches wide and 10.44 inches deep, it is compact enough to fit into any office. It matches the larger model for its crosscut performance too, producing 5/32″ x 1-1/2″ particles for a P-4 security rating. It can shred 16 sheets at once, and easily deals with credit cards, CDs, DVDs, paper clips and staples too, providing the versatile performance that a small office shredder needs.

With 20-minute continuous operation possible and a 6-gallon waste basket, it’s easy to use and perfect for many offices where volumes remain relatively low. The perfect choice for those needing high-end performance in a more manageable package.


So, What is the Best Shredder for Small Business Owner?

The very best shredder for small business owner needs is the Fellows 125Ci, with the capacity and performance to suit every situation. P-4 security level shredding makes it ideal for all but the most sensitive of documents, and with its massive waste bin and long continuous operation, whatever the volume your office generates, it can cope.

However, not every office needs that ultimate performance, if you are looking for a budget option the Amazon Basics range has much to recommend. We chose the 18-sheet model as a good balance of performance and cost, but you can get smaller capacities at even more affordable pricing. With a reputation for reliable performance, the Amazon offering offers great value, and while it lacks some of the usability features that higher end models have, at the price it is the best small business shredder today.

Finally, the best shredder for small office use where capacity of the Fellows 125Ci is not required, or there simply is no space to fit it, is the smaller brother, the Fellows 79Ci. With all the ease-of-use technology of the 125Ci in a package that can slide under a desk for easy storage when not in use, this is the best option. It does lack some capacity, with a smaller waste basket and shorter run time, but other than that, great performance in a practical package.

Whatever your situation, one of these three are the best shredder for small business owner use.