Best Single Shaft Shredder: The V-Shredder

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Do you run a recycling company? Or are you interested in getting the best single shaft shredder to improve your departmental operations, reduce waste volume and reduce the cost of transportation?  Whichever the case may be, we have got you covered.

We do understand that there are numerous mills, grinders, or shredders available on the market today. Furthermore, there are different Original Equipment Manufacturers and aftermarket shredder brands. Also, there are solo, double, triple, and quadruple shredder types. Eventually, all these options may become confusing for customers like you.

To help you understand better, we shall be providing you with some key things that should simplify your shredder purchasing process.

What Are Single Shaft Shredders?

Single Shaft Shredders are waste recycling machines that have a shaft with a single rotatory blade. Furthermore, they not only have a glass encasement surrounding the blade and regulating the flow of the materials being shredded, but they also have a pusher arm that moves the materials for shredding into the blade compartment.

Single Shaft Shredders are very strong, as they are the best type of shredders for breaking down tough solids like branches of timber, rubber and plastic rolls, heavily calcified bones, molding runners, and more.

These shredders also function uniquely, unlike the double and triple shaft shredders. In these solo shaft shredders, the shreds gotten as output are quite uniform because immediately the ‘raw material’ is placed in the hopper, the pusher arm ensures they get to the blade. The shreds are also allowed to leave the blade compartment only when the screen mesh grants them to leave.

Which Single Shaft Shredder is the Best?

Now that you know what single shaft shredders are, and why they may be important for your company, your next question is likely to be something like this: “which of the solo grinders should I go for?”

Bonsaii C221-A 


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The Best Single Shaft Shredder: The V-Shredder

The V Series Single Shaft Shredders have an astounding design. These are mono shaft shredders with a special cutting force. They have different shredder sizes for various material sizes. Plus, they have high throughputs (ranging higher than 5000kg/hr), with efficient energy controls.

Advantages of the V- Shredder

1. Being a single shaft shredder the V-Shredder does not produce much heat, and you can utilize it throughout the day without fear of the machine overheating.

2. The shredder’s interior rotary blades can be used on the four edges of the machine before getting a new blade.

3. When we speak of safety, the V-shredder has been declared safe for use in industries by relevant authorities like CE.

4. Unlike the double, triple shaft shredders, the single shaft V-shredder doesn’t consume much lubrication fluid. It can be a real budget-friendly idea to get the shredder.

5. The V-shredder has a gearbox that withstands shock by eliminating strain on the Drive constituents.

6. The V-Shredder hastens productivity due to its incredibly high cutting force and efficient energy controls. The shredder can rotate at about 120 revolutions per minute and consequently hastening up the shredding process.

7. Its electrical control frame has PLC controls

8. The V-Shredder has adjustable and durable counter knives to ensure better operation.

9. It has dual hydraulic and an inbuilt air coolant.

10. The screen can be changed easily, enabling accurate monitoring of the shredding process. The see-through screen also encourages procedures that pay much attention to the size of the shredded materials.

11. The V-shredding chamber floor has brass guides protecting it from becoming corroded or scratched by abrasive materials over time.

12. The best single shaft shredder can produce pure material streams. This means that with the aid of its horizontal ram and drum rotor, you can have plastic, wood, foam,e.t.c separated at the output.

Some Disadvantages of the V Series Single Shaft Shredder

1. The see-through screen can easily be corroded and scratched by materials within the shredding chamber.

2. The cutter can be easily damaged by a non- shreddable material.

3. Some materials can remain in the shredding compartment hidden from the screen and later generate obstruction that would cause the machine to move with greater difficulty generating excessive heat.

Some Practical Application of the V-Shaft Shredder

  • Protective Disassembling (Faulty products, lethal items, counterfeit stock, expired stock, poisoned and infested materials)
  • Plastics (Frames, lump, bottles, moldings)
  • Textiles ( fabrics, scarfs, clothes, carpets, rugs)
  • Wood (Green matter, pallet, joiners waste, lumbers, logs)
  • Foam
  • Cables ( Copper, Aluminum, Silver, telecoms, households, industrial.)
  • Paper ( packaging, documents, files, books, journals, newspapers,
  • Aluminum (beverage cans, drinks cans)

Wrap Up

Like we already mentioned, the V-Shredder is The Best Single Shaft Shredder on the market, and although it has some limitations, it is still a device to reckon with. We assure you that this machine will satisfy all your needs, plus the cost price is very budget-friendly.

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